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  • Please Allow 24hr turnaround time for all orders
  • All print jobs should be picked up at the campus post office

We are now offering the ability to order supplies and submit print jobs online. We ask that all jobs are submitted via this new system. This will allow us to most efficiently serve your needs. Additionally, it will provide you a real time estimate of what your request will cost!

All you need to do is register. Click the Register button to get started. When registering you will need to provide the following:

  • For Site, please select department, student, or outside customer. If you work for more than one department, please select the one you use most frequently.
  • Site Mail Stop or Area is the campus location where your mail is delivered (e.g. Modern Language)
  • Your Site Address is your physical location. Staff, please use the building name, room number, and street address of your building, Students please use your HWS box number, and your Student ID number. Outside customers please provide your mailing address.
  • If you use more than one budget code for your printing or supply orders, please e-mail us the additional budget codes that you will be using. We will add these to your account when we approve your registration. For those charging to club accounts, please provide us with the account number.

To order printing or supplies, click on New Order in the gray menu above, or use the links below.

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Print Services

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E-mail: printservices@hws.edu

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